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The space available at Ancilla Hospital Iju has been over maximized. There is no space anymore for anything not even for an additional bed or corner. This limits in-patients admissions especially private patients. The pharmacy, Labour/delivery room, theatre and diagnostic units are minimally provided for. The standard of our services will be enhanced and the revenue of the hospital will be greatly improved if the issue of space is addressed

Poverty and finance

Given the location and reality of our rural population, while people generally appreciate the quality of care, the inability to pay for services rendered has been a major limiting factor to the quality and growth of the services. Availability of finance is a major challenge. While a good number of the facilities are able to sustain the running cost, others especially the smaller units are not able to break even. Fund for capital projects such as purchase of Medical and diagnostic equipment, light generator, vehicle, building construction are generally not available without external intervention.

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